Our Pride is Strong!
This will be our best year yet! Lakeview Lions don't do easy, we make easy happen through hard work and commitment!
Foundation of Kindness
We are making sure our foundation is strong and changing the world brick by brick, one kind act after another!  
Lakeview Commitments
Lakeview students showed their commitments to follow Lazlo's Laws by creating an all-school paper chain.

Lakeview’s Kindness Campaign

We opened our first day back with a whole school assembly that introduced our focus for this month: Building Lakeview’s Foundation Through Kindness, brick by brick. Our students helped to present this new initiative at the assembly. The energy that was generated at the assembly carried on through the whole week.

We will continue to build on this energy in the upcoming weeks as students and teachers catch others in the act of being kind. Each time someone witnesses a kind act, they are writing on a “kindness brick.” The brick is then presented to the kind person and added to one of several large red “walls” (see image) that are posted around the school.

We could not believe how many bricks were already added to the wall this week. We overheard many conversations about kindness and observed numerous students reading the bricks on the wall. We hope you will stop by to take a look at the amazing brick walls.