Foundation of Kindness
We are making sure our foundation is strong and changing the world brick by brick, one kind act after another!  
Our Pride is Strong!
This will be our best year yet! Lakeview Lions don't do easy, we make easy happen through hard work and commitment!
Lakeview Commitments
Lakeview students showed their commitments to follow Lazlo's Laws by creating an all-school paper chain.

Valentine’s Day Assembly a Hit!


“The Know it Alls Show” came to Lakeview on Tuesday, February 14th to spend time with our 4th, 5th and 6th graders! This show came about from Scott and Patti’s love for entertaining kids and their admiration of the old-time variety shows.  Who didn’t love the “I Love Lucy Show” or “The Carol Burnett Show”! These were classic comedy-variety shows and “The Know it Alls” will bring this flair to their own show. “The Know it Alls Show” has been carefully designed to combine education with entertainment… in what they like to call, “Educainment!”  The show incorporated a fun, team building approach with a strong educational format, easy learning environment and plenty of audience participation! Please thank our PTA when you see them for sponsoring this unforgettable event for our students!