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Box Tops for Education

Lakeview School needs your help and it’s very simple and easy! Our goal is to raise $750.00, so please consider being a small part of us accomplishing this. 

  1. Buy products with a BOX TOP coupon (which you probably already have some of these products at home right now).
  2. When you are done with that product, cut out the Box Top (including the expiration date) and put it in a safe spot until August.
  3. Come August, send these Box Tops in with your child to give to their teacher or send them straight to the Front Office with “Attention: Jan Manze/Box Tops” written on the baggie or envelope.

Tip! Your child was sent home with a “Flip Flop” print-out that can be used to tape the Box Top coupons onto. Some families have said they find a designated spot on top of the refrigerator, in a specific drawer, or they use a baggie to collect them all summer long.  Some families have said that they even give this as a job for an older kid to do for them.

Any questions about Box Tops you can email  and you can also click here to check out what products have the coupons.