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The Orange Frog comes to Lakeview
Lakeview staff visited Orange Island this summer. We learned that when we work together, we increase our happiness, performance, and potential!
Our motto this year is "Everybody In." Our motto was inspired by the Chicago Cubs, so we signed helmets to show our commitment to being all in. Teachers, students, and parents are all in at Lakeview!
We commit to #everybodyin

Lakeview Learner Commitments

It was such a pleasure to connect with you during student-led conferences. The students did an amazing job communicating celebrations about their first months at school, as well as reflecting on areas for growth and how they will continue to tackle academic challenges. As you may have noticed from student goal setting, our teachers have been encouraging students to think about areas in their learning in which they can be more curious, determined, and reflective, as we have found these to be characteristics of highly engaged learners. For this reason, they have become our Lakeview Learner Commitments this year. You may have seen one of our posters in the hallways or your child’s classroom during conferences. We encourage you to ask your student how they are being curious, determined, and reflective at school as the year continues!

Lakevie's Learner Commitment Poster with descriptions of how and why we are curious, determined, and reflective