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Lakeview Superheroes Unite!
Superheroes aren't only found in the movies anymore, you can now find these fearless leaders in every classroom at Lakeview.
The Orange Frog comes to Lakeview
Happiness does not come from success, success comes from happiness. Happiness is the joy we feel when striving for our potential.
Our Pride is Strong!
Lakeview Lions don't do easy, we make easy happen through hard work and commitment!

Cupcakes for a Cause

Yesterday, the 5th Grade Students decorated cupcakes that went on sale earlier today at the Hoffman Estates High School, where all money raised will go towards Autism research. This activity follows their previous experience of rotating through sensory stations to increase their understanding on the affects of Autism, and raise their awareness and empathy for what it feels like to have some of their ordinarily easy tasks become a major challenge for them. The students had a lot of fun with the decorating, but more importantly, felt a purpose for how they could help researchers get more answers to help those with Autism. Way to go 5th Graders!