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Kindness in January and Reading Around the World Night

Dear Lakeview Families,

It was such a pleasure to re-connect with students last week! We are excited to get back to learning. We have two school wide efforts that are occurring this month we wanted to share with you.

First, January will be a kindness themed month at Lakeview. Students will be “sprinkling each other with kindness” and recognizing acts of kindness on “sprinkles” that will be placed on “doughnuts” throughout the school. Last week, teachers introduced this idea to students through reading a book about kindness to them and brainstorming ideas of kind acts. Students will be keeping the kindness going through their daily actions and the kindness calendar that suggests one specific kind act a day students can enact in January (see below).Kindness Calendar of Events Student made donut cut-outs with written response of how they will sprinkle kindness

The other school wide effort is our Family Reading Night: Reading Around the World. It will be occurring this Wednesday from 6:00-7:30 p.m. at Lakeview. We are hopeful you can attend, as it promises to be a wonderful evening! There will be a storyteller performing for everyone in the gym from 6-6:30, and then families will have a chance to participate in a variety of activities, including readers’ theater, book making, and discussing stories about different cultures. Additionally, there will be book giveaways and parents will have access to take the 5 Essentials Survey to provide the State of Illinois feedback about Lakeview School. Please join us on Wednesday to share in the love of reading with your child(ren)!


Mrs. Laura Rosenblum, Principal
Mrs. Betty Weir, Assistant Principal