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The Orange Frog comes to Lakeview
Happiness does not come from success, success comes from happiness. Happiness is the joy we feel when striving for our potential.
Lakeview Superheroes Unite!
Superheroes aren't only found in the movies anymore, you can now find these fearless leaders in every classroom at Lakeview.
Our Pride is Strong!
Lakeview Lions don't do easy, we make easy happen through hard work and commitment!

Join Us to Celebrate World Happiness Day!

You will have time to reflect on the power of happiness and kindness, and work with your family to create some ways to practice this in your everyday life! We look forward to seeing you!

When:     Wednesday, March 21st

Who:       All Lakeview Families

Time:       9:30-10:30 A.M.

Where:    Lakeview Elementary School (please enter through Door 1 to sign in)