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Happiness Advantage
The Lakeview Staff goes Orange as we celebrate our 21-Day Commitment to Happiness!
Class of the Month
Congratulations to Ms. Nessling's Kindergarten grade class for being April's Class of the Month.
Our motto this year is "Everybody In." Our motto was inspired by the Chicago Cubs, so we signed helmets to show our commitment to being all in. Teachers, students, and parents are all in at Lakeview!
Class of the Month
Congratulations to Mrs. Cahoj's 6th grade class for being April's Class of the Month.

Principal’s Message for September 16, 2018

Lakeview Lions,

Our 6th graders have begun to take on many responsibilities here at Lakeview.  We look at our 6th graders as role models and the leaders of the building.  It is such a great sight to see them raising the flag every morning.


Conferences are coming up quickly.  They will be held on October 4th and 5th .  The purpose of the conferences is for your children to share their academic goals with you while celebrating their areas of strength and understanding their areas of weaknesses.  The classroom teacher will be facilitating the conference between you and your child.  These conferences last 15 minutes.  Invitations for these conferences will be coming home on Friday, September 21st.  Please note, our teachers are available anytime to talk with you about your child’s progress.  Please do not hesitate to give them a call and set up a time.

Drop and Go:

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our Drop and Go.  After evaluating our drop off zone, we decided to change the location.  We will be dropping the students off in the parking lot.

Parents using our Drop and Go please remember the guidelines….

  • Enter the drop and go zone moving south on Washington and turn right into our parking lot (follow sign).
  • Students must get out of the car on the right side ONLY independently (parents cannot stop the car to get out and help the students).
  • There is no parking in the parking lot during drop and go timeframe (8:25-8:40).
  • Once in the parking lot, follow the car in front of you.  Once you get to the stop sign to leave the lot, let your child out of the car.
  • As your child exits the car, you can either go straight or turn left onto Washington, please pay attention that it is a four way stop as you pull into the intersection.
  • Please be extra careful of the crossing guard and children crossing the street.  The crossing guard will be crossing many children on the right as you pull out onto Washington (please don’t turn that way).  When you see the crossing guard in the middle of the intersection, all cars MUST stop until she gets the children to a sidewalk safely.
  • Students need to have their backpack and school items with them, they cannot get out of the car then go to the trunk of the car to grab their items
  • Staff members will not be opening car doors for the students to get out
  • If your child needs more assistance, please park your car (in an area away from drop and go), help your child and then have them cross with the crossing guard at the cross walk.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter, we want to make sure we continue to keep everybody safe!

Run to Read:

District 54 is hosting its annual Run to Read, which will be held on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018 at Dirksen Elementary School in Schaumburg. The day includes school mascot races at 7:30 a.m., 100-yard and 400-yard dashes for children at 8 a.m., a 5K run at 8:45 a.m. and a 1-mile family walk at 9 a.m. Although you can register at any time, even the morning of the race, you will save $5 and be guaranteed a Tshirt in the size you requested if you register by Sept. 1. The Run to Read is an awesome opportunity to promote healthy living by encouraging your children to exercise, or even better, by joining them on the walk or run. The event also supports our goal of collecting 1,000 children’s books for every classroom in District 54. To register, visit

Social/Emotional Learning (SEL):

During the first few weeks of September, Lakeview students will be spending time in class learning about fairness and honesty.  In addition to the classroom lessons, we are hopeful that families will have conversations about SEL topics at home to reinforce these positive messages.  To assist families, we have attached a Home School Connection to use during your conversations.

HSC Fairness & Honesty.pdf ​​​​​​​

Important Dates:

  • 9/18 – Picture Day
  • 9/18 – PTA Meeting at 1:00
  • 9/19 – Early Dismissal – Students are dismissed at 11:40
  • 9/20 – PTA Neighborhood Night – (Oberweis, Evening Only)
  • 9/23 – Run to Read

Happy Weekend,

Mrs. Erbach and Mrs. Pietryla