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We are so grateful to Enchanted Backpack for their generous donation of classroom supplies!
September Class of the Month- Primary
Mrs. DiSanti's class is September's Class of the Month. Congratulations!
September Class of the Month- Intermediate
Ms. McMullen's Class is September's Class of the Month. Congratulations!
Enchanted Backpack donates $45,000 worth of classroom supplies to Lakeview School!

Congratulations to Adeela Qureshi!

Congratulations to Adeela Qureshi! She was one of seven recipients of the 2018 Illinois State Board of Education’s Those Who Excel Awards.

Adeela Qureshi’s care and compassion for children is present in every interaction at Lakeview Elementary School. She is a paraprofessional assigned to the highest-need students, and she builds strong relationships with these students by seeing the best in them, setting high expectations for them and treating them with respect and dignity. As a Lazlo Club leader, Adeela builds relationships with students struggling to be respectful, responsible and safe throughout the day. While she regularly supports fifth-grade students, Adeela has chosen to be a leader for kindergarten, first- and second-grade students to expand her relationships throughout the school. Adeela facilitates an alternative lunch environment that was created at Lakeview for students who struggle to be successful in the regular lunch and recess environment. During lunch, she provides them with a supportive, engaging and kind environment where they are able to thrive. Adeela brings care, compassion, dedication and positivity to all she does. Adults and students want her on their team.

We are so proud of you, Adeela!