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November Class of the Month- Primary
Ms. Maize's class is November's Class of the Month. Congratulations!
Lakeview teachers will "Bee a Champion" to Lakeview students!
November Class of the Month- Intermediate
Mrs. Forsberg's Class is November's Class of the Month. Congratulations!
Enchanted Backpack donates $45,000 worth of classroom supplies to Lakeview School!

Principal’s Message for May 24, 2019


We have had a great couple of weeks!  The highlight was our PTA Fun Fair.  We enjoyed watching families play games, get their face painted, pose for portraits, wait in line for balloon animals and just have a great time.  The night was a  huge success.  The students, staff and parents enjoyed all the activities.  A HUGE thank you goes to our PTA for organizing and running the event.  Thank you to all parents and staff for volunteering their time that evening!

6th Grade Parents (Save the date)

You are invited on the last day of school to participate in our tradition of sending off our 6th graders.  If you are interested in joining us, please be at Lakeview at 11:00am.  Upon dismissal, the entire school will line up along the walls of Lakeview School.  Once in position, the 6th grade students will exit the school by walking the halls of Lakeview seeing each staff member and student.  Parents can join the line and help say goodbye and good wishes to our sixth graders as they pass by.  At 11:20, the 6th grade students, teachers and parents will end in the gym for a final social gathering until dismissal at 11:40.  Bring your cameras!  If interested, come to the office to sign in and we will show you were to go.

Field Day

Field Day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4th (rain date June 5th).  To make this day a success we need as many parent volunteers as we can get.  Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered already.  If you are still interested in volunteering, please call our office.  Thank you!

Upcoming Dates

  • May 27 – No School, Memorial Day
  • May 30 – 6th grade field trip
  • June 3 – Maker Fair, AM only
  • June 4 – Field Day
  • June 5 – Rain Date, Field Day
  • June 6 – Last day of school, 11:40 dismissal​​​​​​​

Enjoy the extra-long weekend!

Mrs. Erbach and Mrs. Pietryla