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V-Learning at Home
Lakeview students and staff are committed to learning and teaching from home!
V-Learning at Home
Lakeview students and staff are committed to learning and teaching from home!

Halloween 2019

Dear Parents:

Lakeview’s Halloween celebration will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, October 31st.  Students in grades 1-6 must bring their costumes to school on that day.  Kindergarten students can come to school dressed in their costumes OR change at lunch.  Please make certain that the students are able to change into costumes by themselves within a reasonably short time.  If there is a need to change privately, we will provide 20 minutes at designated locations. Students in grades K-6 can put make-up and hair spray on at home. They may NOT bring those items to school.

We will have a costume parade that begins promptly at 1:15 p.m.  If weather permits, our parade will be outside.  We will parade outside of the building exiting the front doors, down Washington to Flagstaff and back to the school.  Parents are welcome to watch our parade from the designated area outside the front of the school OR line up along Washington.  The students enjoy spectators along the route.  In case of inclement weather, parents may watch the parade in the gym at 1:15 p.m.

As you begin to plan your child’s costume, we want to inform you of some necessary considerations for this year.  The District 54 School Board has a policy that prohibits weapons at school.  “Look alikes” of any weapon are prohibited.  With our societal concern about violence in schools, we ask that you be especially thoughtful in creating costumes.  Roller blades and scooters are not allowed as part of a costume.

As part of our continued awareness of unhealthy media influences on our youth, we also are not permitting costumes that show gratuitous blood and guts.  Dracula is okay but costumes that depict victims of violence are not.

A party arranged by the PTA will take place following the parade in their classrooms.  Only PTA members who are running the classroom parties are permitted in the building.  These parties will be CLOSED, meaning guests include students in the room, staff members in costume and PTA.  Dismissal on Thursday will be at the regular time (3:00 p.m.) and students will not be expected to change clothes prior to their departure.

Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Erbach and Mrs. Pietryla