January 15, 2021

Return to In-Person Learning:
We are excited to welcome our general education hybrid students back into the building on Tuesday.  The students in our Instructional Classrooms have returned and it has been great seeing them in person. The children will follow the same schedule that was in place prior to the adaptive pause.

In preparation for that day, we encourage you to review the following:

Please keep in mind, any individual, staff or student, who shows any signs or symptoms of illness must stay home. Anyone who begins to exhibit a fever or COVID-19 like symptoms while at school will be sent to the school nurse. Students will wait in a quarantine/wellness classroom under the supervision of the school nurse until they are picked up from school. Quarantined students at home may participate in remote learning as long as they are feeling up to it. School District 54 has revised the Staff and Student Exclusion Chart to be in alignment with guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). Please click on the links below: