November 6, 2022

Student Led Conferences

We look forward to seeing you all on November 21st or November 22nd. Please make sure your child attends the conference with you as it is a way to showcase their goals for the year and the work they have completed so far. 

School District 54 is making it easier than ever for families to schedule conferences with teachers. We’ve partnered with “Meet the Teacher” to provide a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use system that creates a simple and streamlined scheduling experience. To login and schedule a conference, please visit and enter the information in the text fields. Please make sure you enter the information that matches the student’s registration. If you have more than one child in District 54, you will only have to use one child’s information to login. The system will show you options for all the students in your household after you login once.

Once you’re in the system, you’ll be able to select your child’s/children’s teacher(s) and your preferred dates and times. If you prefer to have your conference virtually via Zoom, please add a message to the conference when prompted and type in the word “Zoom.”  If you prefer to have an in-person conference, please leave this blank. If you would like to change or delete any scheduled conferences, you can do so by logging in again with the same information. We encourage you to bookmark the website on your phone, tablet, or desktop to review, possibly make changes, and for future parent-teacher conference sessions. 

For more detailed information on how to login and navigate the site, please view our guide below.

If you have any questions or need assistance in scheduling your conferences, please call the front office at 848-357-6600.

Meet the Teacher – Conference Scheduling

Meet the Teacher – Conference Scheduling (SPANISH)