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Reflections 2017-2018

The Reflections Program is here for the 2017-2018 school year!


Reflections is the National PTA Arts Program that asks students to GET CREATIVE!

The theme this year is……. Within Reach


Reflections project categories include:

Dance Choreography     *      Film Production      Ÿ

Literature                           *       Music Composition         

Photography                       *          Ÿ Visual Arts


Students can enter as many projects as they like, in as many categories as they like!

Just for Parents: This program is age based, and should be age appropriate.  A student’s best work may include crooked lines or misspelled words.  You may give them feedback—for example, showing them how to brainstorm ideas or suggesting that they proofread their pieces, but please be sure that their final effort is truly their own work of art.

So draw, paint, make a collage, write something, take a photo, compose a song, choreograph a dance, or produce a movie!  All projects must reflect this year’s theme: Within Reach

 Project Due Date: Friday, October 27th to the main office


Questions? Please contact:  Carrie Emerick at or 630-302-5432

Don’t forget- each project needs a separate Student Entry form!  Also, it is very important to fill out the Artist Statement for each project.

Lakeview PTA 17-18 Entry Form – SPA

Lakeview PTA 17-18 Entry Form – ENG

17-18 Reflections Official Rules- Lakeview PTA

10. 17-18 IL Official Rules – SPA

15. 17-18 IL Rules – Dance Choreography

16. 17-18 IL Rules – Film Production

17. 17-18 IL Rules – Literature

18. 17-18 IL Rules – Music Composition

19. 17-18 Rules – Photography Illinois

20. 17-18 IL Rules – Special Artist

21. 17-18 IL Rules – Visual Arts