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Enchanted Backpack donates $45,000 worth of classroom supplies to Lakeview School!
We are so grateful to Enchanted Backpack for their generous donation of classroom supplies!

Fun Food Has Gone Online

Fun Food has gone online!!!
Now accepting Credit/Debit!!!

Dear Parents,

Every Wednesday and Thursday, Lakeview PTA volunteers serve pre-ordered restaurant prepared meals to students and teachers to help raise money for activities, events, and student materials. We have worked hard to create an online platform to eliminate the many hours that goes into tallying orders by hand allowing our volunteers the opportunity to have those hours back with their families!

How does Fun Food program work?

Follow the link below to our user-friendly order form.
The link will be emailed home, posted on our Facebook page (@TheLakeviewPTA), and located at the top of our Monthly Calendars sent home with your child. Orders are compatible on phones, tablets, laptops, and computers! Fun Food Info Flyer.pdf

Awesome First Day!

Welcome Back Lions!  We had a fantastic day here at Lakeview.  The students are ready to begin the 2019-2020 school year.  There was a lot of excitement in the air!  We had our first all school assembly.  We had a balloon challenge and danced to the YMCA.  Ask your child what their PEAK Moment was today!

Tomorrow, students can arrive at 8:25 for school to begin at 8:40.  Drop and Go will be open if you drive your child to school.

Enjoy your evening, I think we have some tired lions.

~Mrs. Erbach and Mrs. Pietryla


Enchanted Backpack is coming to Lakeview

Enchanted Backpack invite

Principal’s Message for August 2019

August 2019

Dear Lakeview Families,

WELCOME TO THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR!  We hope this letter finds you well.  As the lazy days of summer continue to dwindle down, we hope you are soaking up every second of the summer and making new memories with your families.  Lakeview staff is looking forward to reconnecting with the students of Lakeview very soon!  The teachers are working hard to get their classrooms ready and curriculum set.  We cannot wait to hear the sounds of the students’ voices filling the hallways.  Thank you for preparing your children for this upcoming school year and we look forward to continue to work with you as partners in their education.

We have several exciting dates to share with you:

Wednesday, August 7th, 9-11am and 5-7pm is School Information Day.  This day is for new enrollees OR providing proof of residency for the students of Lakeview School.  There is NOTHING else taking place on this day.  If you need to register your child OR finish your registration, please come to school during these hours.  We will be accepting medical forms also. Our secretaries will be there to help you with the registration process.  Please note, if your registration is NOT complete, your child will NOT be placed in a class.  We will be finalizing class lists on the 8th, so please finish your residency requirements.

We will be mailing each family their child’s teacher placement.  You will be receiving these letters the week of August 11th.  Please note…. the staff has worked diligently to place every child in an environment which best suits their learning needs; therefore, placement changes will not be honored unless there is an extreme circumstance.

Thursday, August 15th, 5:00-6:30pm is our Back to School & Curriculum Night. Families can drop off supplies and hear their teacher present important information. More details are coming soon.

Monday, August 19th is the first day of school for first through sixth grade students.  This is a full day of school (8:40-3:00).

Tuesday August 20th is kindergarten screening. Appointment times are scheduled and parents notified.

Monday, August 26th is the first day for kindergarten students.  This is a full day of school (8:40-3:00).

On the first day of school, we will be lining up outside.  The teachers will be outside the school building in the front parking lot.  They will be arranged in grade level teams and have nametags on.  This should make it easier for you and your child to find the correct teacher.  Once your child arrives at school, please direct him/her to go to the blacktop, find their teacher and line up with their class.   If you are having difficulty finding your child’s line, please locate one of our staff members.  All staff members will be able to assist you in locating your child’s teacher.

In case of rain, all the teachers will be inside the school standing outside of their classrooms.  Please have your child enter the school.  Staff members will assist your child in finding his/her classroom.

Introducing 2019-2020 Teams:

  • Kindergarten: Mrs. DiSanti, Mrs. Battaglia, Ms. Nessling
  • First Grade: Mrs. Wheatley, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Anzelmo (Abata)
  • Second Grade:  Mrs. Arvis, Ms. Sayeedi (New), Ms. Maize
  • Third Grade: Mrs. Piekenbrock (New), Mrs. Forsberg, Ms. Molitor (New)
  • Fourth Grade: Ms. Mirski, Ms. Schulze, Mrs. Kondrath (Issleib)
  • Fifth Grade: Ms. Chase, Ms. Shimanek, Ms. Roman
  • Sixth Grade: Ms. McMullen, Ms. Bohne, Mrs. Cahoj

Support Staff:  Mrs. Wenig, Mrs. Herdegen, Ms. Berg, Mrs. Johnson, Ms. Grady, Ms. Tringali

Literacy Team:  Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Scramuzzo, Mrs. Wieteska, Ms. Massingill (New)

English Language (EL):  Mrs. Poonawalla, Mrs. Siddiqui, Mr. Varela, Mrs. Faerber, Mrs. Walters (New)

Special Education Team:  Dr. Buffo (New), Ms. Hanes, Mrs. Mayer (New), Mrs. Karasinski, Mrs. Osmanski (New), Ms. Kowalski (New), Ms. Mikos, Ms. Lukose

Paraprofessionals:  Mrs. Gehlin, Mrs. Kelley, Mrs. Manze, Ms. Meyer, Mrs. Rosenblum, Mrs. Seely

Special Teachers: Mrs. Franciose and Mrs. Mangan (Library), Ms. Richardson (Music), Mr. Higgins (Art), Mr. Skalon (New-PE)

Front Office: Mrs. Erbach, Mrs. Pietryla, Mrs. Czyz, Mrs. Musso, Mrs. Connor

Custodians: Mr.Martinez, Mrs. Reymar, Mr. Hengel

We look forward to seeing each of you often throughout this year. We know this year will be terrific. Please feel free to call us at 847-357-6600 if you have any questions.


Mrs. Erbach (Principal) and Mrs. Pietryla (Assistant Principal)


Report Cards

Dear Families,

The final report card for your child is now available online in the District 54 Parent Portal. Click here to log into your account and then click on Report Card on the left hand side of your screen.

We hope that all families will check the report cards and use the information to celebrate with their children their academic successes for this school year and to discuss possible goals for next year. I am very proud of the growth our students have achieved this year.

From our entire staff, we hope you have a wonderful summer and look forward to welcoming our students back to school on August 19.

If you don’t remember your password or you have not previously logged on to the portal, please contact or (847) 357-5110.

Enjoy your summer!

​​​​​​​Mrs. Erbach and Mrs. Pietryla

Principal’s Message for June 6, 2019

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Good Luck 6th Grade Students in Jr. High!  Make Lakeview Proud!!!


On behalf of the entire Lakeview staff, we would like to wish all of our families a wonderful summer break! We are proud of each and every one of our students for the hard work and dedication they demonstrated consistently throughout the school year.  We will miss all of the smiles and energy they bring to our hallways and look forward to welcoming them back in August.  For those of you leaving the Lakeview community, we wish you all the best.  Best of luck also to all of our 6th graders who are moving on to Junior High, we know you are all ready for this next chapter in your lives.

2019-2020 Teaching Assignments

Kindergarten – Mrs. DiSanti, Mrs. Battaglia, Ms. Nessling

1st Grade – Mrs. Shaw, Ms. Abata, Mrs. Wheatley

2nd Grade – Mrs. Arvis, Ms. Maize, Ms. Sayeedi

3rd Grade – Mrs. Forsberg, Mrs. Piekenbrock, Ms. Molitor

4th Grade – Ms. Mirski, Ms. Issleib, Mrs. Schulze

5th Grade – Ms. Shimanek, Ms. Chase, Ms. Roman

6th Grade – Ms. Bohne, Mrs. Cahoj, Ms. McMullen

Farewell to Staff

Lakeview School is sadly saying good-bye to a number of great staff members who are off to other endeavors.  They have touched many lives at Lakeview.  We wish them the very best!

  • Catherine Moxness – Moving to Indiana
  • Melissa DePau – Moving to District Office to be a Digital Coach
  • Mary Duffy – Moving to Frost to be an SST
  • Meg Kwak – Moving to Keller Jr. High as their Psychologist
  • Kendra Crane – Moving to Fox to teach self-contained special education
  • Nicole Latrofa – Moving to Hoover as the SST
  • Claire Elsey – Leaving the district
  • Alex Bloom – Leaving the district
  • Shella Siddiq – Moving to Churchill
  • Linda Streck – Moving to Armstrong
  • Mirna Algarin – Moving to Hoover
  • Jamie Sadnick – Extending her parental leave
  • Katie Ferguson – Retiring

New to Lakeview

  • Taylor Piekenbrock – 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Dianne Buffo – Psychologist
  • Giddeon – Service Dog
  • Angela Osmanski – SST
  • Katie Massingill – Intermediate Literacy Coach
  • Melissa Mayer – Behavioral Coach
  • Shireen Sayeedi – 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Dana Kowalewski – SST
  • Taylor Molitor – 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Natalie Walters – EL Teacher

Summer Office Hours

8:00AM – 3:00PM until Thursday, June 13 and 8:00-11:30 Friday, June 14.  Please note; Lakeview School is hosting Summer School so the school will be a very busy place during these summer hours.

Secretaries will be available on August 2nd and keep similar hours (8:00-3:00: until school starts.

New enrollees will also be able to register during the summer.  You can register at the District 54’s Rafferty Center.

Teacher Placements

We will be sending student’s teacher placement in the mail.  Every student will get a letter from his or her teacher in the fall.

Report Cards Online June 11th
Please note at our Trimester 3 report cards will be posted live on the Parent Portal starting on June 11th.  If you have any questions about your portal account, please contact our main office at 847-357-6600.

Future Dates:

On August 15th, we will have our annual Back to School Night.  This night is for parents and students to drop off supplies, meet your teacher and hear about the 2019/2020 expectations.  More information about the event will be sent out in the fall.

On August 15th at 1:15pm we will be looking for students to come to Lakeview for a “top secret mission”.  We will need any student who wants to come for about 30 minutes.  We will send more information in August about this special event.

LEARNING NEVER TAKES A VACATION!  Reading is the key to all we do at school.  Our fantastic public library, Barnes and Noble and Scholastic Books have wonderful resources for all of us to continue to read over the summer.  Read! Read! Read!

Happy Summer,

Mrs. Erbach and Mrs. Pietryla

Field Day

Field Day was a HUGE success!  Dispite the rain, we had opening cermonies in the gym which started with the parade of teams.  We then moved to outside and played for 45 minutes until the rain really started to come down.  We then went inside and played gagga ball, silent ball, four corners and had a dance party.  Once the sun came out, we were outside all afternoon.  We may be a little wet and muddy but had an unforgettable day!  Thank you to all our volunteers for helping us out today.  A big thank you goes to Mr. Wolski for creating a PEAK MOMENT we will always remember.

Principal’s Message for May 31, 2019


We cannot believe this school year will soon be ending.  We have had an incredible year and would like to thank our parent community for supporting us.  We hope your received our note of appreciation and took time to enjoy a cup of tea because you are all “tea-rrific”.

Field Day Teams

Today the students switched into their Field Day Teams.  Students do not stay with their homeroom class for Field Day.  Each team is comprised of kindergarten through sixth graders. Our sixth grade students are the captains for each team.  This is an excellent leadership opportunity for each sixth grader.  Our theme for Field Day is based around Colleges and Universities.  Each student will meet in their team to find out what college/university they are representing.  We ask students to try to dress in the colors or swag of the college/university they will represent.  Field Day is Tuesday, June 4.  Please make sure to send an extra water bottle to school (with their name on it) and put sunscreen on your child.  Students MUST wear gym shoes to participate in most of the events.  The students are outside most of the day.  Opening ceremonies are at 8:45AM and the day begins at 9:15AM.  Feel free to come for opening ceremonies even if you cannot help.  If you are helping out, please be here by 8:40AM.

6th Grade Parents

You are invited on the last day of school to participate in our tradition of sending off our 6th graders.  If you are interested in joining us, please be at Lakeview at 11:00am.  Upon dismissal, the entire school will line up along the walls of Lakeview School.  Once in position, the 6th grade students will exit the school by walking the halls of Lakeview seeing each staff member and student.  Parents can join the line and help say goodbye and good wishes to our sixth graders as they pass by.  At 11:20, the 6th grade students, teachers and parents will end in the gym for a final social gathering until dismissal at 11:40.  Bring your cameras!  If interested, come to the office to sign in and we will show you were to go.

District 54 Virtual Learning University:

Are you searching for an innovative way to empower your children over the summer? Are you looking for a comprehensive approach to summer learning that combats boredom and keeps everyone engaged? Look no further! Visit the School District 54 Virtual Learning University to tackle challenges for literacy, math, science, social science, language and culture too!  Each content area has multiple challenges to keep your children’s minds focused and active throughout the summer weeks! Within each category you will find family activities, individual activities and places to visit in our community and surrounding areas.  We hope you’ll encourage your children to visit our Virtual Learning University often throughout the summer to challenge themselves and to keep your family learning together. Click here to access the Virtual Learning University or find the link under Popular Links on the District 54 website.

Join the D54 Foundation for 22nd annual golf outing

Want to make a difference in the lives of District 54 students? Join the District 54 Education Foundation for its 22nd annual golf outing on Monday, June 10 at the Schaumburg Golf Club.

All proceeds from the golf outing support District 54 breakfast programs, STEM programs and grants for students from financially struggling households. Please consider supporting District 54 children by becoming an event sponsor or golfing. The Foundation is also looking for raffle items and gift cards to award as prizes.

Visit to sponsor, register or for more information. The Foundation was honored to be named Schaumburg’s Volunteer Organization of the Year for 2019 and we are excited to continue our work with this organization on behalf of students.

Important Dates:

6/4 – Field Day

6/6 – Last Day of School (Dismissal 11:40)

Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs. Erbach and Mrs. Pietryla

Last call for the Community Closet and Food Pantry

Lakeview’s Community closet and food pantry is getting ready to close for the year!

Please come and help us clean it out!

Here are some of things we are currently offering:

  • Boost (high protein drink)
  • Bottled water
  • Canned salmon
  • Baby food
  • Farina
  • Light bulbs
  • Salad dressing
  • Jelly
  • Toothpaste
  • Lentils
  • Ravioli
  • Pasta/ sauce
  • Crackers
  • Coffee
  • Paper products

All you need to do is call Lakeview (847.357.6600) and make an appointment.

Please come and benefit from the our great selection!


El armario comunitario y la despensa de alimentos de Lakeview se está preparando para cerrar este año.

¡Por favor, venga a desocupar la despensa.

Estas son algunas de las cosas que estamos ofreciendo ahora:

  • Impulso (bebida alta en proteínas)
  • Agua embotellada
  • Salmón enlatado
  • Comida para bebé
  • Harina(Farina)
  • Bombillas
  • Aderezo para ensaladas
  • Gelatina
  • Pasta dental
  • Lentejas
  • Ravioles
  • Salsa para pasta
  • Galletas
  • Café
  • Productos de papel

Todo lo que necesita hacer es llamar a Lakeview (847.357.6600) y hacer una cita.

Principal’s Message for May 24, 2019


We have had a great couple of weeks!  The highlight was our PTA Fun Fair.  We enjoyed watching families play games, get their face painted, pose for portraits, wait in line for balloon animals and just have a great time.  The night was a  huge success.  The students, staff and parents enjoyed all the activities.  A HUGE thank you goes to our PTA for organizing and running the event.  Thank you to all parents and staff for volunteering their time that evening!

6th Grade Parents (Save the date)

You are invited on the last day of school to participate in our tradition of sending off our 6th graders.  If you are interested in joining us, please be at Lakeview at 11:00am.  Upon dismissal, the entire school will line up along the walls of Lakeview School.  Once in position, the 6th grade students will exit the school by walking the halls of Lakeview seeing each staff member and student.  Parents can join the line and help say goodbye and good wishes to our sixth graders as they pass by.  At 11:20, the 6th grade students, teachers and parents will end in the gym for a final social gathering until dismissal at 11:40.  Bring your cameras!  If interested, come to the office to sign in and we will show you were to go.

Field Day

Field Day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4th (rain date June 5th).  To make this day a success we need as many parent volunteers as we can get.  Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered already.  If you are still interested in volunteering, please call our office.  Thank you!

Upcoming Dates

  • May 27 – No School, Memorial Day
  • May 30 – 6th grade field trip
  • June 3 – Maker Fair, AM only
  • June 4 – Field Day
  • June 5 – Rain Date, Field Day
  • June 6 – Last day of school, 11:40 dismissal​​​​​​​

Enjoy the extra-long weekend!

Mrs. Erbach and Mrs. Pietryla